Montag, 1. Mai 2017

Forest fire in the evacuation zone Namie-machi being close to
the destroyed nuclear power plant in Fukushima:

At evening on 29th of April, a forest fire broke out in the evacuation zone in Namie-machi
being close to the destroyed nuclear power plant in Fukushima and can still not be
extinguished (at the time of 1st May 2017 around 1400 hours). Area of the fire is approx.
200,000m2. Because the forests have not yet been decontaminated since Fukushima's
nuclear disaster in 2011, they contain full radioactive substances. But we have neither from
the Japanese government nor from Tepco Information on the exact values ​​of the radioactive
substances in the forests of Fukushima, as it is so common and typical of them.

It is certain that, depending on the wind direction and the wind force,
environments with the distance of perhaps even to about 400KM - i.e.
also Tokyo - will be radioactively highly contaminated by flying ashes in the air.
(= According to a former employee of Tepco).

Therefore the people in these large areas are in danger of additional
internal and external radioactive exposures.

But no helpful, detailed information from the government as well as
main medias in Japan!

And citizens cannot check their body damage early enough by themselves .
When they notice it, it is usually too late.

In this country, Japan, under the government of irresponsible, criminal politicians and
high-ranking state officials, there is only one life-saving-method: self-help.

Especially the parents, who have small children, are full responsible for those
who are without protection.

Firefighters working for the fire extinguishing work directly on the site get my
unconditional, greatest respect. The PM Abe and his gang as well as the
high-ranking state officials and Tepco managers, all those who are
responsible for the nuke-disaster of Fukushima should work on extinguishing
the fire instead of them and should breathe in radioactive ashes.

At the late stage of my life I have only one wish:
To speak out of my innermost soul,
To follow my conscience
To act for the suffering, innocent children and
To fight for our unique, beautiful and irreplaceable earth,
which is now increasingly polluted world-wide and
crying for help silently.
Kazuhiko Kobayashi

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