Donnerstag, 4. Mai 2017

Forest fire in the evacuation zone Namie-machi near to the destroyed nuclear power station in Fukushima:

On May 2, one of the famous Japanese newspapers, Mainichi-Shinbun, gave a relatively detailed account, according to which the forest fires that had broken out on the 29th of April were within the so-called highly radioactively contaminated evacuation zone near the destroyed nuclear power station in Fukushima and still not extinguished on 2 May around 16:00. Special helicop...ters of the Japanese army threw water over the burning forest area of ​​about 200,000m² and around 350 firefighters were at work. The fire extinguishing work was severely handicapped by additional protective clothing against radioactivity. The office of Fukushima Prefecture reported that no significant increase in radioactive levels in direct environments had been measured until the 2nd of May evening. It was further reported that the Office will continue to measure the surroundings. So far is the message. At this moment I know nothing more. No further information available. Since the 30th of April I measure the radioactive values ​​with my measuring instrument in the direct vicinity of my apartment in Tokyo. The measured value is between 0.09 and 0.11 μSv per hour. In fact, until now, any change or increase in radioactive values ​​has been observed. But this can also be explained by the fact that since the 29th of April there have been mostly south winds. In any case, we should continue to be cautious and alert.

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